Paper Cutting

Who can remember the magical discovery as a child of opening a line of folded people cut from paper... or releasing the snowflake from its papery layers?
Paper is so easily cut, so kind in its flexibility. This organic process of cutting paper by hand allows me to hold the forms as they emerge and assemble them to make a whole. Balance in the finished work is vital; I turn the paper around several times during the process, to ensure that shapes - and colour if it is used - are pleasingly distributed. 
It also makes for a wonderful diversion from the rigidity of glass shards.

U 1.3, 2014. 30 x 21cm

U 1.1, 2014. Carrier bag

Weymouth, 2014. 60 x 42cm 

U 3.5, 2015. 60 x 42cm 

U 3.4, 2014. 30 x 20cm

Blue Leaves, 2014. 30 x 20cm

U 3.3, 2014. 30 x 20cm

Grasses, 2014. 30 x 19cm

Bluebirds in Fruit Tree, 2011.

Crested birds, 2010. 30 x 20cm

Dandelions, 2009. 63 x 32cm

Tulips in Vase, 2008. 71 x 49cm

Shells, 2007. 99 x 69cm

Corfe Castle from Arne, 2008. 78 x 58cm

Nude, 2009. 40 x 30cm