The mosaics are a progression from my paper cuts; I wanted something more enduring than paper but still craved the piecing together of shapes into a new form.

The smoothness and shiny beauty of glass is an attractive medium, used throughout the ages. It can be so obstinate, but that journey coaxing the stubbornness into submission is very satisfying, especially once the final destination is reached. 

Sometimes I incorporate unusual or discarded objects which have stories of their own to tell, making an appeal about valuing the overlooked and forgotten. 

Sea Journey, 2010. Stained glass, mirrors and glass tiles, 61 x 34cm

Twitter, 2013. Stained glass and ceramics, 51 x 40cm

Heart Stones, 2012. Local beach stones, stained glass and glass tiles, 47 x 45cm

Forest Walk, 2011. Stained glass, 61  x 40cm

Plate, 2010. Glass tiles, 26cm diameter

Urn 2017

Edesia, Goddess of Banquets 2014. Mixed media


  Bathroom project 2017